At CTTEWC, Sports & track athletics are encouraged as much as academics. Be it leisure or competitive, we believe women should be physically fit & able, as it plays an important part in the journey of empowerment.

Explore our facilities & different sports activities popular in the college, read below what your peers have to say about their favourite sport.

Our Faculty

Badminton is the new cricket for women, with little girls being inspired by Saina Nehwal & P.V Sindhu the sport is gaining ground in terms of popularity and adoption. You might have played it as a leisure sport on your terrace , at CTTEWC you can take it to the next level with the state of the art indoor badminton court, located at our dedicated sport annexe facility. Join us & become part of our team.

Ms. Jacintha ReethuPro Badminton Player

Track & Field is the mother of all sports in the athletic realm. Ranging from 100 m dash to high jump, track & field teams are versatile, often competing in more than one category. From honing individual skills & pushing physical boundaries in a marathon to playing team in relay races T&F members have holistic development & maintain a close rapport with their coach.

Ms. TejaswiniTrack & Field Team

Although Hockey is our country’s national sport, Cricket remains the most popular one. In the past decade Women’s Cricket has grown leaps and bounds, join our cricket team and show your love for the pitch!

Ms. Mounica RaniCricket Team Captain

Kho Kho is a fun & welcoming sport! Just like playing catch, only with a lot more nuance. Put your balance, speed and agility to test. Join our team/play for leisure, we are in for the game either way 🙂

Ms. E. HariniKho Kho Team Captain

Team is bigger than the individual, Throwball is predominantly a team sport. Defence, spike, center forward there are many roles you can play and make your team a winning team. Join us & find your second home in our team.

Ms. S. NarmadaThrowball Team Captain

Table Tennis or TT as it’s fondly known is my sport of choice. Don’t let the size of the ball fool you. It tests your reflex, hand eye co-ordination, and demands utmost concentration. You’ll learn to be patient, still and also decisive, the best part is unlike other sports it’s less demanding physically and is a great buster before going home to study for exams!! Join us for leisure or competitive sport and make the most of it 🙂

Ms. N. NandiniTable Tennis Player

Handball is a lovely game, & it brings out the tough girl in you. Contrary to popular opinion its a safe sport that conditions you for strength and endurance. A fast paced game where every players counts, join us to find more.

Ms. B. BhuvanaHand ball Team Captain

Athletics at CTTEWC

Competitive & Leisure

At CTTEWC, we view the need for physical activities from multiple perspectives. Both students and student athletes can engage in sports to accomplish different goals.

With the possibility of sponsorships, a student with interest to pursue sports competitively can do so by participating in zonal/district/state & national level competitions. Other students can learn to engage themselves in sports, and benefit from physical & mental fitness it offers, from being part of a team, relieving stress and imbibing general discipline that becomes second nature to a fitness pursuer.

How To get involved ?

You can drop in to the sports room and talk about your interests to our beloved coach & P.E.T faculty for guidance. If you haven’t been an active athelete, you can pick up conversations while team members & captains pratice, and develop a camaraderie with them as you test waters.

Remember all work & no play, makes Jill a dull girl!

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