Our Founders

CTTE Trust founder- Chevalier T. Thomas & CTTEWC founder Dr. Elizabeth Thomas.

Chevalier T. Thomas


Chevalier T Thomas, our founder, a veteran of education believed that the future of our country is not only in the hands of soldiers but also in the hands of scholars and educational institutions. Drawing from his absolute faith in Divine Grace, hard work, strong determination and commitment from the day of its inception, the CTTE Trust has grown in to a respectable public trust and acts as a banyan of support to the institutions under it.

CTTEWC, a sought after institute for women in Chennai, is one of the institutions under the CTTE Public Trust.


Born in Kerala, to Mr.Thomas Pappe & Mrs.Eliamma Mulamootil, he was the fourth son, among seven other siblings

Dr. Elizabeth Thomas has recorded the life of our founder in the book titled The Biography of the Great Architect & Educationist. 

After finishing his MA in English Literature at University of Oxford, England, our founder Chevalier T. Thomas began his journey as an Educationist by starting the St.Mary’s Tutorial College in Chennai, circa 1964.

The lamp he lit then continues to radiate light to this day and is carried forward by people who have made it their mission to fulfil his vision of education for all in North Chennai.

Chevalier T. Thomas is a pioneer who established educational institutions that opened a portal to the world for the students in this part of Chennai. He firmly believed that good education will produce good citizens for the country. He stands as the guiding spirit who has paved the way for innumerable students to acquire education and achieve success in life. His legacy lives on through each alumna from the institutions under the CTTE Trust. 


  • Master of Economics, University of Oxford, England - 1963
  • Master of Arts - English, University of Nagpur - 1959
  • Bachelor of Science, University College - Trivandrum, Circa 1950. - First Class
  • M.G.M High School, Thiruvella, 1945 - Gold Medallist

Dr. Elizabeth Thomas


Dr. Elizabeth Thomas was a visionary who had a clear idea of what she wanted to achieve. As Secretary and Correspondent of the C.T.T.E. Trust, she recognized the need for further education for the women students of the North Madras area. Consequently, she ideated an exclusive women’s college that would empower women through education. She envisaged what the future should look like and strategized to execute it and did not rest until she had achieved it. Chevalier T. Thomas Elizabeth College stands as the fruition of her vision. Dr. Elizabeth set an example to the students, staff and faculty to follow.  She encouraged students to work hard and to aspire for the best in life by using the opportunities provided by the college to reach their goal. She inspired the staff and faculty with her hard work and commitment. The alumnae of C.T.T.E. College for Women are brand ambassadors living out her ideals and brightening the corners of the earth with the education they received from their alma mater.