Principal’s Message

Our founder Dr. Elizabeth Thomas, a woman of great vision, enterprise and courage, has guided us to nurture learners in the path of excellence. Our Chairman retired Justice J. Kanakaraj insists on social justice and we cater to the diverse academic needs of students, and organize student activities in the framework of equal opportunities. Our Managing Trustee and Correspondent, Thiru L.Palamalai, a retired IAS officer, believes that every student entering the portal of this esteemed institution is invaluable to us, and we take utmost care in taking them along with us in their search for knowledge and skill development.

We are affiliated to the renowned University of Madras, and hence the curriculum is designed by veteran scholars selected by the University Board of Studies, and is updated frequently to suit the growing needs of our nation and job requirements. Choice Based Credit System is practised, and thereby, students are exposed to knowledge systems at an interdisciplinary level.

As academic leaders, teachers are experts in instruction and plan systematic academic activities to benefit student learning, and guide and mentor them. Special academic support is extended to students involved in research, writing scholarly papers and other intellectual works. Apart from academic counselling for higher studies, Linkages and MOUs enable internships and placements that further help the students.

We believe in empathy and mutual respect to one another and our student clubs collaborate with each other and acquire hands-on-training in organizational skills and leadership, to face life with hope, confidence and a commitment to society and nature constantly guided by teachers.

Our mission is to impart value-based education to students so that they emerge as women of integrity with social consciousness, keeping in mind the principles of democracy and equality.


  • Ph. D, Bharathi College for Women, University of Madras, 2007
  • M.Phil. English, Department of English, University of Madras, 1989
  • MA English, Ethiraj College for Women, 1987
  • BA English, Bharathi College for Women, 1985