Financial Aid

Chevalier T Thomas Elizabeth College for Women, offers several avenues where a student can seek & avail financial aid for her education. Apart from regular scholarships that government offers, a long list of individual sponsors & charitable organizations believe in our mission & offer financial aid to our students.

Scholarships Sources

SC/ST Government Scholarship

Students Benefited since 2015

Central Sector Scholarship

Students Benefited since 2015

Institutional Scholarship & Vice Chancellor's Quota

Students Benefited since 2015

Minority Scholarship

Students Benefited since 2015

SC Scholarship Award from University of Madras

Students Benefited since 2015

Sponsorship Sources

CTTEWC has had the privilege of receiving sponsorships from benevolent & generous individuals & organizations alike. Chevalier T Thomas Elizabeth Trust, a public trust accepts donations contributing towards education expenses of our wards, we appreciate & recognize such acts of thoughtful generosity.

Sponsor Statistics

Over the years, people involved in supporting our students in need of Financial aid has grown many fold. Corporate Organizations, Charitable Trusts, Welfare Foundations & Generous but kind Individuals have contributed towards educating the women of our country and we are grateful as an institution to be bestowed with responsibility & trust.

Total Number of Private Sponsors

Welfare Foundations | Charitable Trusts & Individual Sponsors

Our Sponsors

Kalki Sadasivam Memorial Trust

Mobtran Enterprises Endowment Award

Alumnae Association

Student Welfare Fund

Shree Ashapoori Trophy House

Classic Prints

Terapanth Educational & Medical Trust

Sree Venkateswara Students Hostel

Sevai Karangal

Rajasthan Youth Associations

R. Sundararajan Charities

V.A Vasantha Endowment Award

Mr. K.K. Varkey Endowment Prize For Scripture

Tamilnadu Congress Committee Charitable Trust

The Ameerunisa Begum Sahiba’s Endowments

Welfare Foundations | Charitable Trusts & Individual Sponsors

Our Sponsors

Zenith Foundation

Flatfish Network

Pehchaan Charitable Trust

Rajasthani Association Tamil Nadu

N.S. Educational Trust

Seed Hundred Trust

Seva Chakkara Orphange

Mahalakshmi GRT Charitable Foundation

Chennai Cathedral Charitable Trust

Seva Chakkara Samajam

Foundation For CSR – Redington

The Anjuman-E-Himayath-Islam

United Welfare Organisation

Avvai Home Orphanage

Welfare Foundations | Charitable Trusts & Individual Sponsors

Our Sponsors

Neeta Memorial Charitable Trust

Udhavum Ullangal Public Charitable Trust

Asset Foundation

Malar Trust

Sri Matha Trust

Vine Charitable Trust


Sohan Kanwar Mangilal Tater Chart Trust

Hajee Ibrahim Har Trust

Ramchand Inderchand Bohara Charites

Shelterhouse Foundation

Kousalya Lakshmipathy Foundation

Napa Charitable Foundation

Cassim Maricar Asma Beevi Trust

Arulmigu Selva Vinayagar Pvt. Charitable Trust

Sponsorship Requirements

Sponsorship is different from scholarship, Sponsorship is financial aid offered by an individual or welfare organization to students meeting certain criteria, which may or may not include a measure of merit.

Applicable only to students who have successfully secured admission in our College, some basic guidelines for availing sponsorship are as follows. Reach out to our office for further inquiries.

  • You have to be a full-time student.
  • You have to apply for financial aid within stipulated deadlines.
  • You have to meet the Satisfactory Academic Progress standards.
  • Apart from general guidelines, you have to meet the specific criteria outlined by the welfare organization / sponsor, if applicable.

Government Scholarships, Guidance & Advice

Government & Institutional Scholarships are applied through the college, after admissions.

Unlike sponsorship, scholarships are offered to students who meet predefined criteria applicable for the Scholarship Quota.

Get in touch with your Class teacher or Visit our office, to find out more on the available government scholarships you might be eligible for.

Contact For Financial Aid Guidance

We are open on Monday – Friday at 10 a.m and 2 p.m, except holidays.

Dr. Elizabeth Thomas Block

No:16, St. Mary’s Road, Maryland,

Sembiyam, Perambur, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600011

Phone : 044 - 2537 5753

Frequently Asked Questions

How long will the scholarships take to get activated ?

Government scholarships are typically available for application once your admission is completed, by the end of first semester your scholarship application wold be approved and will take effect from the following semester. Students are advised to be financially prepared for paying first term fees during admission.

What costs does my scholarship / sponsorship cover ?

In general expenses towards your education, such as college fees are covered by financial aid. Extra expenses like transportation costs, canteen expenses of the student, etc are borne by the student & is not covered.

In some cases, stationery & book expenses are covered, get in touch with office for further clarification on your specific case.

Does scholarship / sponsorship cover for entire course duration ?

It depends on the sponsorship program, usually if selected for a program your course fees is paid by the organization / individual, whenever it is due. Some sponsorships stipulate conditions to be met, like academic performance, attendance, etc for the sponsorship to continue the full duration of the course.

Government scholarships that are based on quotas, do not carry such conditions, and typically cover fee expenses for the entire course duration, unless stated otherwise.