Department of Business Administration

Mrs. M. Jayashree

Assistant Professor


  • Ph.D., Human Resource Management, Jammal Mohammed College, Bharathidasan University ,Trichy - Pursuing
  • MBA, St.Peters Engineering College, Anna University - 2006
  • BCA, JayaGovind HariGopal Agarwal Agarsen College - 2004


  • NET, University Grants Commission - 2011


  • A Study on Training needs identification based on candidate assessment with reference to Slash Support India Private Ltd”, Chennai.
  • “GREEN HRM” –A Road Map to Sustainability
  • Published a Research Paper titled 'A Study on Employee welfare,health & Safety during COVID 19 pandemic' in Research and Analytical Reviews (IJRAR)’IndexYear of Publication: 2021; 2349-5138
  • Published a Research Paper titled '“Post Covid19’revival & Reset - A Study with Specific Reference to Automobile Industry, Chennai ,Tamil Nadu' in Business Administration IndiaYear of Publication: 2021; ISSN 2690-1749
  • Published a Research Paper titled 'A Study on Welfare Measures, Awareness and its Impact on QWL of Employees' in Global Journal for ResearchYear of Publication: 2021; ISSN 2277-8160