Research Forum 2020-21

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Webinar on How to write a Research Article

Entrepreneurship Development Cell (EDC)

Webinar on How to write a Research ArticleDate: April 30,2021

Resource Person: Dr. P. Malarvizhi (Assistant Professor, Department of Commerce and ED Cell Convenor, CTTE College for Women)

Participants: Students of C.T.T.E College

Organizer: Entrepreneurship Development Cell (EDC)

Nature of the Event: Webinar

Purpose of the Event: To motivate and encourage the UG students towards understanding research and to enlighten them on ways to write an effective research article.

Conduct of the Event: The resource person provided a clear overview of research and step by step explanation with examples on how to write and publish a research article.

Outcome of the Event: The students actively participated and interacted with the resource person and cleared the doubts they had thereby understanding the basics of research and writing research paper.

International Symposium on Entrepreneurial Strategies

Department of Business Administration

International Symposium on Entrepreneurial StrategiesDate: March 04,2021

International Symposium on Entrepreneurial Strategies was organised on 4 March 2021, via Google Meet. Fifty-one students participated in the programme. Mr.Moses Vedhamuthu, Director, Trinity Property and Investment Consultancy and Operation Manager, GRYPAS security services, Sydney, Australia, and Mrs.Vanishree.V, Assistant Professor, Amity Global Business School, Chennai, were the resource persons for the same. The symposium aimed at enhancing the entrepreneurial skills of the students and provide real-life examples to inspire them to pursue their careers in business.

In the first session, Mr. Moses enlightened the students on how young minds can pursue their careers in entrepreneurship through novel and creative ideas. He emphasized that innovation and dynamic leadership skills are crucial to promote the country’s growth and economic development. He also shared his expertise on entrepreneurial development from an Australian perspective. The session was illuminating and interactive.

In the second session, Mrs.Vanishree.V gave a deep insight into entrepreneurship from an Indian perspective. She highlighted the examples of successful entrepreneurs by analysing their unique traits and skills. Further, she encouraged the students to improve critical thinking, creative, interpersonal, leadership and communication skills to enhance entrepreneur skills and to choose entrepreneurship as their career. She concluded by motivating the students to become intrapreneurs if not entrepreneurs. – The program ended successfully and Participation certificates were sent to all the students.

Webinar on Fortune Favours the Bold and Brave

Student Council & Entrepreneurship Development Cell

Webinar on Fortune Favours the Bold and BraveDate: February 20,2021

A Webinar on ‘Fortune Favours the Bold and Brave’ was organized by CTTE Student Council in collaboration with Entrepreneurship Development Cell, on 20th February 2021 for the college students via Google Meet. The session was also streamed live on the official page of College on YouTube. The Resource Person of the session was Dr.S.Gayathry, Professor, Department of Management Studies, SRM Institute of Science and Technology, Chennai. 90 students from the college participated in the session.

The webinar aimed at motivating the students to take up entrepreneurship and creating awareness about various types of fund procurement choices that can be availed by micro entrepreneurs, especially the student entrepreneurs. Dr. S Gayathry began the session by conducting a mini survey to gauge the entrepreneurial interest in participants, after which she highlighted the success stories of young Indian entrepreneurs. Additionally, she also informed the audience about the various financial sources available specifically for the student and women entrepreneurs. The students actively participated and clarified their doubts in the session.

Webinar on Demystifying Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship Development Cell (EDC)

Webinar on Demystifying EntrepreneurshipDate: January 09,2021

The Entrepreneurship Development Cell of Chevalier T Thomas Elizabeth College for Women organized an in-house webinar on the topic ‘Demystifying Entrepreneurship’ on 09th January 2021 from 4.00 p.m. to 5.30 p.m. via Google Meet. This webinar was specially organized for the I, II and the final year students of the CRISP classroom. The resource person for the session was Dr.P.Malarvizhi, Assistant Professor of Commerce and ED Cell Convenor, C.T.T.E College for Women. 65 students participated in the program.

In the webinar, Ms. Malarvizhi traced the essential characteristics of entrepreneurship; from beginning to mastering the same. She also enlightened theaudience on the sense of entrepreneurship, classification of entrepreneurs conforming to their backdrops and environment, and presented a comparative statement of income between entrepreneurs and other job doers. Furthermore, she stated the myths of entrepreneurship and shed light on the keys that could demystify them by quoting examples from many influential entrepreneurs.

At the end of the webinar, she further inspired the students by highlighting the entrepreneurship lessons from the Tamil film Soorarai Potru. The webinar proved to be a gripping and engaging session where the participants acknowledged its visionary and empirical nature.

Webinar on Innovation for Women in Business

Entrepreneurship Development Cell

Webinar on Innovation for Women in BusinessDate: November 30,2020

The Entrepreneurship Development Cell of our college organized a webinar on the topic ‘Innovation for Women in Business’ as an eye opener to excel in entrepreneurship and innovation on 30th November, 2020 from 1.30 p.m. to 2.30 p.m. via Google meet. The resource person of the programme was Ms.Surabhi Rao, Director and Product development Head, Narsipur Chemicals Pvt Ltd. More than 45 students attended the programme.

The resource person shared her personal experiences of overcoming the hurdles to become a successful entrepreneur and motivated the participants to look around them for viable business opportunities.

In addition, she explained about the concepts of Lean Team, psychology of customers and how to procure proper information from the widely available sources for business operations. She also discussed about the convenience of customers, measuring the opportunities and about the innovation and creativity of these processes. At the end of the session, virtual feedback forms were provided to the audience.

This was followed by the awareness session on NISP (National Innovation and Start-up policy 2019 ) . The NISP nominee of the college, Dr. Mrs. P.Malarvizhi, began the session by briefing the participants on the highlights of NISP and later focused on the take-aways for stupreneurs. Ms. Malarvizhi further educated the students on effective engagement in innovation and startups during their campus life. The NISP PowerPoint presentation was shared and explained in the webinar.

After the informative session, the presentation on the College policy, named CRISP (CTTE Regulatory Innovation and Startup Policy) followed. It was deliberated in the context of NISP. The activities planned for the students in the short and long runs were discussed and events in the pipeline were highlighted. The parallel between NISP and college policy was drawn, to further make clear to the students, the path that is proposed to be laid for them to explore and exploit the entrepreneurial opportunities around them. The ways in which students can make use of the entrepreneurial ecosystem that is being created in the college campus were also discussed as part of the presentation. The highly fruitful sessions thus ended successfully.

Session on Sustainable Development Goals - Affordable Clean & Energy

Citizen Consumer Club (CCC)

Session on Sustainable Development Goals - Affordable Clean & EnergyDate: October 22,2020

Citizen Consumer Club (CCC) of CT.T.E College for Women in association with UN75, Citizen Consumer&Civic Action Group (CAG) and Confederation of Young Leaders (CYL) organised a UN75 dialogue on ‘Sustainable Development Goals – Affordable & Clean Energy’ on October 22nd, 2020 from 3-4 p.m via Zoom. More than 120 students participated in the programme. The speakers of the programme were Mr.Niraj Bhatt, researcher in environment and climate change in Citizen Consumer&Civic Action Group (CAG) and Ms. Vishvaja Sampath, a research coordinator and campaigner.

The session began with an introductory speech about the significance of the webinar. Both the speakers shed light on the topics of Climate change, the Rise in Global Temperature, and India’s coal consumption. The session ended with a message of hope and a pledge to take positive climate actions by all individuals. The participants were given international participation certificates.

Webinar on Personality Development

Department of Business Administration

Webinar on Personality DevelopmentDate: October 07,2020

A Webinar on “Personality Development was organized on October 7, 2020. Mr. Vinoth, Assistant Professor, Department of Management Studies, Measi Institute of Management was the Resource Person. He highlighted how to develop a positive approach, self-confidence and behavioral traits. He also expressed that research experience enables the students to improve critical thinking and problem-solving skills.

This programme also sensitizes the students on the significance of expressing thoughts and feelings through effective communication skills. The resource person also gave a deep insight into effective focus, planning and opportunities towards higher studies in Data Analytics, Research and Logistics Management with specific reference to NEP 2020. 83 students from the first year, second year and third Year BBA participated in the webinar and benefited

Webinar on Corona Vaccine Development – Current Status

Citizen Consumer Club (CCC)

Webinar on Corona Vaccine Development – Current StatusDate: July 29,2020

The Citizen Consumer Club (CCC) of C.T.T.E college organized an International Webinar on ‘Corona Vaccine Development – Current Status’. The webinar was held on July 29, 2020. The Resource Person Mr.Anbu Jaya, Scientific Affairs Director(Retd.), Pfizer Pharma, Australia insisted on the importance of abiding by the basic protective measures against the Covid 19. He gave a deep insight about the immunological mechanism of vaccination, vaccine development, testing and approval process. He further announced that the vaccine will likely be available by the end of the year 2020. 250 students and faculty members from several colleges attended the webinar. The session was highly informative.