Training Programme 2020-21

At CTTEWC  established professionals who excel in their respective fields deliver training sessions.

CTTEWC Management

Workshop on Swachhtha Action Plan (SAP)

Entrepreneurship Development Cell, National Service Scheme & ECO Club

Workshop on Swachhtha Action Plan (SAP)Date: April 24,2021

Resource Person: Dr. Uma Rani (Professor Emeritus from the faculty of Management studies, Savitha Engineering College)

Participants: ED Cell Members, NSS Volunteers, ECO Club Members

Organizers: ED Cell.NSS, ECO Club

Nature of the Event: Online Workshop.

Purpose of the Event: To enhance students’ knowledge on SAP and also to create awareness on cleanliness and green planet along with Social and Rural Entrepreneurship.

Conduct of the Event: The Resource Person spoke in detail about Swatchhtha Action Plan and focused on important topics like Sanitation and Hygiene, Waste Management, Reusing and Recycling, Greenery, Social Entrepreneurship, Rural Entrepreneurship and Handicrafts.

Outcome of the Event: The participants gained a lot of knowledge and new information pertaining to the environment and entrepreneurship through this Workshop. They were also benefited by learning a lot of techniques to preserve resources and energy while doing routine activities.

Digital Skills for Police Personnel

Departments of Computer Science & Computer Applications

Digital Skills for Police PersonnelDate: February 01 - 07,2021

Resource Persons: Mrs. J. Mary Catherine, Head, Department of Computer Science, Chevalier T Thomas Elizabeth College for Women, Chennai

Mrs. C. Kalaivani, Assistant Professor, Department of Computer Applications, Chevalier T Thomas Elizabeth College for Women, Chennai

Mrs. V.Suganthi, Assistant Professor, Department of Computer Science, Chevalier T Thomas Elizabeth College for Women, Chennai

Mrs. J Saranya, Assistant Professor, Department of Computer Applications, Chevalier T Thomas Elizabeth College for Women, Chennai

Venue: Computer Science Lab and Computer Applications Lab

The One-week training programme on “Basics of Computing & Online Transactions” conducted by the Department of Computer Science & Computer Applications was organised in collaboration with the Tamilnadu Police Department (Pulianthope Range). 50 police personnel participated in the workshop. One on one hands-on training was given to the participants on areas like email, typing (Tamil and English), collaboration tools, etc.

Workshop on Interior Wall Art

Entrepreneurship Development Cell

Workshop on Interior Wall ArtDate: January 23,2021

The Entrepreneurship Development Cell organized a workshop on ‘Interior Wall Art’ on 23rd January 2021, from 4.00 p.m. to 5.30 p.m via Google Meet. The resource person for the programme was Mrs.N.Shyamala Devi (M.Sc.Home Science and Head Tutor, Fevicryl). A total of 70 students participated in the session. Mrs. Devi simplified the process of interior wall art into simple steps and demonstrated how to proceed at each level of the art. Her approach proved to be highly engaging as the students remained curious throughout the session. The feedback forms were provided to the students at the end of the session. The session was thus highly interactive and informative, encouraging the students to attend future workshops by ED Cell.

Workshop on Intellectual Property Rights

Department of Business Administration

Workshop on Intellectual Property RightsDate: December 09,2020

An online workshop on ‘Intellectual Property Rights’ (IPR) was organized on December 9, 2020 via Google Meet. Mr.Balaji Devarajan, Head -Centre for IPR, KPR Institute of Engineering & Technology, Arasur, Coimbatore, was the resource person. A total of 120 students participated in the workshop. The student co-ordinators of the event were Ms. Christina E. J, Ms.Harsha.V and Ms.Reshma Banu.

The workshop focused mainly on the role and significance of IPR in the present era and aimed at creating – awareness among the student community on the same. In the session, Mr. Devarajan threw light on the procedure for applying patents, copyrights, trademarks, and design protection. He highlighted the need of developing innovative ideas by the student community to start various businesses and remain competitive in the present-day corporate world.

Mr. Devarajan who believes in the power of proper brain exercise to kindle creativity also conducted few interactive activities during the session that stimulated the minds of the audience… The highly informative and fruitful workshop thus ended successfully.

Two-Day Workshop on Critical Thinking Skills

The Post Graduate & Research Department of English

Two - Day Workshop on Critical Thinking SkillsDate: November 10 - 11,2020

The Post Graduate and Research Department of English, CTTE College for Women conducted a Two-Day Workshop on “Critical Thinking Skills” and the essential 21st century skills for the UG and PG students of the department. The workshop was conducted for two days on 10th and 11th November 2020, through the online meeting platform – Google Meet from 2:30 pm to 3:30 pm. The Resource person for the workshop was Ms. Christina Dhanasekaran, Assistant Professor of English, Madras Christian College. The BA & MA English students were the participants of the workshop.

The resource person Ms. Christina on the first day of the workshop spoke on the various aspects of critical thinking – mind flossing with logical reasoning. She highlighted the various important skills that aid critical thinking as observation, analysis, interpretation, reflection, evaluation, influence, explanation, problem-solving and decision making. Critical Thinking was explained using Bloom’s Taxonomy. The resource person lead the students through a brief history of the philosophers who contributed to the development and acceptance of critical thinking on the world stage.

The second day focused on the emerging and interesting field of Neuroesthetics and dealt with the supernormal stimulus experiment. The session began with the quote “Art is the beautiful lie that states the truth” – Picasso.The speaker duly highlighted the process of interpretation and the types dwelling on Exegesis and Eisegesis. She also helped the students understand the cause and consequence effect of a story using Kurt Vonnegut’s Shape of a Story.

Workshop on Learning English from Everyday Life

The Post Graduate & Research Department of English

Workshop on Learning English from Everyday LifeDate: November 09,2020

A Workshop for the first year students of Communicative English from all Departments was conducted on Monday, 09/11/2020, from 3-4 pm via the Google platform.

The objective of the Workshop was

  1. To facilitate easy imbibing of English from everyday life for students from other medium of instruction
  1. To enable them to speak English with confidence

The Resource person was Dr. K N Shoba, Assistant Professor, Department of Humanities, Anna University, Chennai. The students were impressed with the ease with which they could find avenues to learn English. The resource person was effective in conveying the objective to the students who responded with enthusiasm and promised to follow up on the pointers provided. They all framed their key “takeaway” from the Workshop when asked by Dr. Shoba to do so. Number of students to be selected from each class was fixed and then a WhatsApp group was formed to enable easy communication. The link to the GMeet was posted in the group and the link to the Feedback form was also posted after the end of the Workshop.

Leadership Training Program

Student Council

Leadership Training ProgramDate: November 02 - 06,2020

Session 1: Introduction to Leadership

Resource Person: Mr.Andrew Sesuraj, Assistant ProfessorDepartment of Social Work, Loyola College.

“The Leadership Training Programme 2020 Session-1” commenced with a welcome address for the resource person by Sruthi.S –President of CTTE College

The seminar was held to develop the leadership skills of the council members, Junior student council members and other club coordinators. The resource person started the session by giving Savitribai Phule as a great example for the women leadership accompanied with a powerpoint presentation for better interaction. He explained that a leader must overcome a lot of hurdles and not only holding the responsibilities but having it with great passion. The speaker said “Passion for a right vision and that with creativity makes the leader to be unique. Leadership is mainly based on intellectual drive and knowledge. A leader must have a high level of confidence with humility to communicate effectively with team members.” Atlast, he discussed about three important kinds of leadership with students which are:-

  1. Authoritarian
  2. Democratic
  3. Laissez Faire

With that, he came with the conclusion that “A leader should adapt whether to be authoritative, democratic or laissez faire kind based on the situation.


Feedback was given by Dalia Bernadette. L, Junior student council member from the department of (A&F). She said “It was a Beautiful and an educative session where the different perspective of leadership was very helpful. It made us to know how a leader should be with multiple qualities.”


The important aspect in leadership has been viewed. The training sessions helped the participants to use strategy to be a good leader with a high level of consistency and also make them to have a right vision with an intellectual mind.

Session 2: Know Yourself

Resource Person: Mrs. Anith Christie Rayan, MSW, M.Phil, Mental Health Professional.

“The Leadership Training Programme 2020 Session-2” commenced with a welcome address for the resource person by Monika.D – Vice President of CTTE College.

The resource person invited was Mrs . Anith Christie Rayan who took an initiative to share her knowledge on “Know Yourself”. The Resource Person started the session with a famous quote of Buddha.

“Watch your thoughts; They become words.

Watch your words; They become actions.

Watch your actions; They become habit.

Watch your habits; They become character.

Watch your character; it become your destiny.”

The Resource Person explained about Japanese concepts of Ikigai and value of education. She also presented the videos of Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam sir to explain the concept. At last, she discussed about the Role of leadership and in that she mentioned three points that are necessary for leadership skills, which are:-

  1. Vision
  2. Focus
  3. Influence.

After her session, feedback was given by Ms. Nishi Priya, Junior Council member and expressed her thoughts about the session.

Session 3: Win-Win to Success

Resource Person: Ms. Masilla Ester, Asst. Professor cum life skills, Loyola College, Chennai.

“The Leadership Training Programme 2020 Session-3” commenced with a welcome address for the resource person by Yasmeen Shaik, Council Member, Department of English. The resource person invited was Ms.Masilla Esther who took an initiative to share her knowledge on “Win-Win to Success”.

The Resource Person spoke about the three “c’s” which are Communication, Creativity and Critical thinking. She said that these play the most vital role in leadership, as a good leader must know to communicate well, think creatively and solve the issue in a wiser way. She also spoke about team work and collaboration as they are the key for a strong leader to lead. She also spoke about the current digital world where the usage of technology is the most vital skill to be learned. Later she spoke about life skills which are about teamwork. She said to lead a team one must be flexible and empathetic. She explained win-win strategy with a beautiful activity about mutual success. She also suggested a book named “7 habits of effective people” by Stephen Covey, in which he details about the habits which a person must follow to become an effective leader. At last, she spoke about the social skills which a leader should follow.

The feedback was given by Ms. Mubeen Taj, Junior Council Member and expressed her thoughts on the session.

Session 4: IPR and Leadership

Resource Person: Mr. Jaraslo Vinod Raj State Manager, Magic Bus.

“The Leadership Training Programme 2020 Session-4” commenced with a welcome address by Ms.Christina for the resource person. The session was about interpersonal and intrapersonal relations. The resource person was very creative and interactive with his ideas. The students were also very interactive with the activities given by the resource person and they were openly sharing their views on the activities. He explained, in detail, about how Assumptions, Perceptions, Gossipings and Expectations should be applied in our lives to become a perfect leader.

He said “Inorder to become a leader, must filter ourselves with these three questions:-

  1. Is it good or bad?
  2. Is it true or false?
  3. Is it Beneficial or not beneficial?

He added that “The renounced skill of Assumptions should be avoided as because our thoughts on others might differ. Having a wrong perception will create negativity which must be avoided. Gossiping destroys our interpersonal and intrapersonal relationship with each other. At last, expecting something from people in return destroys the quality of leader”

He finally added a quote:-

“A leader should shine like the Sun and flow like a River and never end like a Sky “ The feedback was given by Rajakaleeshwari. K, Joint Secretary, Department of Commerce.


Through this wonderful session, the students learnt the strategies and skills to develop their leadership qualities and become a perfect leader.

Session 5: Critical thinking and Leadership

Resource person: Mr. Satish Manikandan School Counselor,The ARK.

The last day of “ Leadership Training Programme 2020 Session-5” commenced with a welcome address by Soundarya.M, Council Member, CTTE College. The session was about “Critical thinking and Leadership”. The resource person interactively presented the session by referring leadership and critical thinking with movies and short stories. He also mentioned many real life examples of Periyar E.V.Ramaswamy and Swami Vivekananda, to explain on how to change the negativity into something positive change.

Atlast, he discussed about self leadership and in that he mentioned three points that is necessary for leadership which are:-

  1. Self-awareness
  2. Self-recognition
  3. To get reframed when got irritated


The Feedback was given by Shivani Singh. R, Junior Council Member.


The important aspect of critical thinking in leadership has been viewed. The session made the participants understand that leadership skill is connected with real life and also how a person should see all the situations in a positive way to achieve solutions.

Workshop on Business Plan Development

Entrepreneurship Development Cell

Workshop on Business Plan DevelopmentDate: October 16,2020

The Rural Entrepreneurship Development Cell of Chevalier T Thomas Elizabeth College for Women college in association with MGNCRE organized a workshop on the topic ‘Business Plan Development’ on 16th October 2020 via Google Meet. The workshop had two sessions and the speakers were Dr.Umarani Purushottaman, a Retired Professor who has published several research papers in both the National and International level and Mrs.Mala Ramachandran, the cofounder of the digital solution company, Kaleidoscope, respectively Nearly 133 students from across disciplines participated in and benefitted from the event.

In the first session, Dr.Uma Purushotttaman enlightened the participants on structuring and configuring a business plan. She also sensitized the students about various schemes available for women who wanted to become entrepreneurs. At the end of the first session, participants from the Department of Business Administration were asked to fill up a business plan format via Google forms and submit them to MGNCRE. The other participants submitted the same to the college ED cell.

Workshop on Liquid Embroidery

Entrepreneurship Development Cell

Workshop on Liquid EmbroideryDate: September 11,2020

The Entrepreneurship Development cell of Chevalier T Thomas Elizabeth College for Women organized an online workshop on ‘Liquid Embroidery’ on 11th September 2020 between 4 p.m. and 6 p.m. via Google Meet. The resource person of the event was Mrs. N.Shyamala Devi, Fevicryl Specialist, Pidilite Industry. The workshop aimed at motivating the student community to indulge in useful co-curricular activities. 435 students from the college registered for the workshop out of which 180 students attended the same.

During the workshop, Mrs. Devi demonstrated an inexpensive and simple way to make the fabric look radiant and ethnic and how the stitches sewn using the fevicryl tubes replicate the traditional look of embroidery. The workshop was also streamed live on YouTube which was viewed by many. The engaging session ended successfully and the students were given certificates of participation.