Training Programme 2021-22

At CTTEWC  established professionals who excel in their respective fields deliver training sessions.

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Workshop on Business Model Canvas

Centre for Student Development (Entrepreneurship Development Cell & Institution's Innovation Council)

Workshop on Business Model CanvasDate: 26.03.2022

Key Highlights: The Students participated in this workshop well trained on how to prepare a Business Model Canvas. Following the orientation event, Dr.S.Gayathry mam detailed the important factors based on which business model canvas should be prepared. After explaining the important factors, she asked the participants to prepare a business model canvas using their business idea. She conducted a competition on that. On 21st March itself she asked the participants to prepare the team and business names and ideas. Students were separated into 5 teams. Each team consisted of 3-4 people. Team is given with the Business Model Canvas and some sticky notes and were asked to present their business idea in the given canvas. 5 teams came up with their own business ideas and presented it.
Team 1: Agile
Team 2: Yummy meals on wheels
Team 3: Spotlight
Team 4: Dress me
Team 5: knowledge world

Dr. S. Gayathry announced the Cash prize also. Rs.1000 for the I Prize, Rs.750 for II Prize, Rs. 500 for III Prize, and Rs.250 for the Participation Prize. Team 5 won I Prize Team 1 won II Prize Team 4 won III prize

Participant details
Total No. of Student participation: 18
Total no. of Staff (Teaching/Non-teaching) participation: 01

Workshop on Intellectual Property Rights

Department of Corporate Secretaryship

Workshop on Intellectual Property RightsDate: 31.01.2022

Resource Person:
Mrs.C. S. Nethra Jayasankaran, Partner, DB Law Chambers LLP

No. of. Participants: 95
The resource person started explaining the meaning of Patent,Trademarks and Copyright.She also clearly explained about the inventions that are patentable, its procedure for application,persons who can apply,also to draft an application.She also told about the trademark and its classifications,duration and renewal of trademark,its procedure and registration of copyright with special note on Geographical Indications its procedure with tenure.


Centre for Student Development (Entrepreneurship Development Cell & Institution's Innovation Council)

Workshop on RURAL TECHPRENEURSHIP DEVELOPMENTDate: 15.12.2021 – 21.12.2021

Day 1: 15/12/21
Topic: Idea to Enterprise
Resource Person: 
Dr T.Pavan Kumar, Senior Scientist, CSIR-IMMT, Bhubaneswar, Odisha

Dr.T.Pavan Kumar, Senior Scientist, CSIR-IMMT, Bhuvaneswar was the resource person on Day 1 elaborated on the methods of identifying the problem, discovering the solutions, exploiting them as an opportunity, and thereby creating job opportunities to resolve unemployment issues in India. He gave an overview of Intellectual property rights and explained the significance of patented inventions. He also stated that there is a high percentage of job satisfaction, happiness, freedom, and independence in entrepreneurship when compared with employment.

Day 2: 16/12/21
Topic: Rural Technologies for large societal benefit
Resource Person: 
Dr. Snehasish Behera, Chief Scientist, CSIR-IMMT, Bhubaneswar, Odisha

Dr. Snehasish Beheragave detailed information on Rural Technologies available for large societal benefits. He highlighted the technologies designed and developed by CSIR-IMMT such as natural draft and forced draft biomass operated dryers, biomass maize dryer, thermoelectric and solar box type cookstoves, biomass bakery oven, terafil water purification systems etc. The improved GVK series cookstoves were distributed to rural villages in India and received positive feedback from rural families and communities including Anganwadis.

Day 3: 17/12/21
Topic: Rural entrepreneurship development from tech transfer expert’s view
Resource Person: 
Dr Ravi Pandey, Research Establishment Officer, IIT, Kanpur

Dr Ravi Pandey, Research Establishment Officer, IIT Kanpur, enlightened the participants with his knowledge on Rural Entrepreneurship Development. He showed several examples in his presentation to strongly support the statement,” entrepreneurship or emergence of modern technology should not just focus on financial turnover but should have a positive impact on society”. He explained about the startup CD SPACE founded by an alumnus of IIT Kanpur. The drones had wide application in supplying medical aid for hospitals in hilly regions and mountains. He elaborated on the seed sowing boot developed by IIT Kanpur to help the farmers with less manpower. He played a video demonstrating how flowers from temples were utilised to make products like incense sticks. Another such example which he showed to support the wealth from waste concept was the production of organic plates from stubble which usually cause pollution by burning.

Day 4: 18/12/21
Topic: Waste to Wealth: Technologies for agricultural sector/entrepreneurship
Resource Person:
Dr. Manish Kumar, Principal Scientist,  CSIR- IMMT,  Bhubaneshwar, Odisha

Dr. Manish Kumar,gave deep insight on the techniques to become a smart entrepreneur by turning the huge agriculture and other waste produced every day into profit-making products. The resource person reported that over 75% of waste generated in India is recyclable, but only 30% is recycled.  He also said that waste to wealth has great business and entrepreneurial opportunities. The speaker stated that proper utilization of Agro waste will lead to sustainable development and the government policymakers also consider waste to wealth for the environment and economic planning. The guest speaker emphasized the significance of filing patents for innovative ideas to start up a business. 

Day 5: 19/12/21
Topic: Inspiring Innovations for Societal Development
Resource Person: 
Dr Kapil Arya, Senior Scientist, CSIR- IPU, New Delhi

Dr Kapil Arya, highlighted that India has made commendable progress so far, but there are still many challenges facing the country that hinders India’s Development. This could be solved with the practice of societal innovation. Social innovation is said to be a new form of thinking to solve social problems and this focuses on the ideas and the solutions that offer efficient, sustainable and positive social change that creates social value. In order to utilize its scientific strength and meet the expectations of the country, CSIR has a dynamic network of 37 national laboratories in India which works on different societal fields like agriculture including medicinal and aromatic plants, disaster management, farm machinery, healthcare, infrastructure, leather processing, potable water etc.

Day 6: 20/12/21
Topic: Terafil Technology and Entrepreneurship around
Resource Person:
Dr Debabrata Singh, Senior Scientist, CSIR-IMMT, Bhuvaneshwar, Odisha

Dr D Singh emphasized on producing efficient and need based devices locally by the youth of the nation. He explained how the Terafil Water filter disc is manufactured, how the components of this disc – sand, saw dust and pottery clay – work as filters and how it’s production is cost effective. The speaker also told in detail, how this technology is taught to others and thereby making many people to venture into this field. This simple know how and it’s low cost has attracted many people to this field.

Day 7: 21/12/21
Topic: Support Schemes for Entrepreneurs
Resource Person:
Prof V. Swapna, Associate faculty, NIMSME, Hyderabad

Prof Swapna gave a clear and detailed explanation on schemes like the Prime Minister Employment Generation Program [PMEGP] and also explained the government portal of PMEGP and illustrated the process of online application. The EDP programs that are being developed by PMEGP for entrepreneurs were also highlighted. The Micro, Small and Medium Enterprise [MSME] and its Schemes like design scheme, Incubator scheme, IPR scheme, Loan manufacturing scheme etc were explained by mentioning its functioning and the services offered by them. The e-portal of MSME was explored and its uses were described.

Nearly 865 participants across the nation benefited from this workshop.

Workshop on Entrepreneurship skill, attitude and behaviour development

Centre for Student Development (Entrepreneurship Development Cell & Institution's Innovation Council)

Workshop on Entrepreneurship skill, attitude and behaviour developmentDate: 11.12.2021

The purpose of the event is to develop the entrepreneur skills, behavior, and attitude.

Highlight/ Conduct of the Event: 
Chief guest Mrs. Suganya Sri Venkatesh Director, BG Future School, Dhrona India Academy & MBG Shakthi-Health and Wellness, shown the PowerPoint presentation and explained about the different entrepreneurs. Example: Apple – Steve Jobs, Tesla – Elon Musk etc., She also talked about her own journey like how she became an entrepreneur and she also motivated the students to become an entrepreneur. She also explained about the business which is in trend. Mrs. Suganya Sri Venkatesh also told us that we can take our business to social media for advertising and how to promote our products.  At last, the chief guest concluded by telling how to overcome the obstacles to become a successful entrepreneur.

Outcome of the Event:

  • The Participants interacted with the chief guest, and they came to know about the entrepreneur skills, attitude, and behavior.
  • Participants also came up with different ideas and shared them with the chief guest.

Number of Beneficiaries: 47 Students.

Workshop on Problem Solving & Ideation

Centre for Student Development (Entrepreneurship Development Cell & Institution's Innovation Council)

Workshop on Problem Solving & IdeationDate: 30.11.2021

Purpose of the event:

  • How to become a successful unique entrepreneur.

  • Youngsters can also think differently and introduce new ideas to the society.

  • How to tackle their hurdles and explore more ideas

  • To recreate waste materials into useful things for human needs.

  • To bring awareness to youngsters, important role of their life and society, scope of becoming an entrepreneur.

The resource person divided the students into groups and were asked to choose a problem statement and come out with possible solutions for it in the form of an innovative product.  Participants had clear and brief idea of how to recreate from waste materials, how to solve/ face hurdles in the life of an entrepreneur and to reach success. A total of 35 students benefited by the programme.


Career Guidance Workshop on The road less travelled

Centre for Student Development (Entrepreneurship Development Cell & Institution's Innovation Council)

Workshop on The Road Less TravelledDate: 26.10.2021

The main purpose of the entrepreneurship & Innovation programme is to create First Generation Women Entrepreneurs by imbibing entrepreneurial qualities and motivating them to start their own enterprise. The guest speaker highlighted that Entrepreneurs play a key role in the economy, using the skills and initiative necessary to anticipate needs and bring good new ideas to market. He also said that Entrepreneurship will be successful in taking on the risks of creating a startup and is rewarded with profits, fame, and continued growth opportunities. Participants were made clear that entrepreneurs create a firm to realize their idea, with aggregate capital and labor in order to produce goods or services for profit. Entrepreneurs create social change. They break tradition with unique inventions that reduce dependence on existing methods and systems, sometimes rendering them obsolete. A total of 100 students benefited by this workshop.

Workshop on Entrepreneurship & Innovation as Career Opportunity

Centre for Student Development (Entrepreneurship Development Cell & Institution's Innovation Council)


7 Day workshop, “Entrepreneurship & Innovation as Career Opportunity” was organized from August 7, 2021 to August 14, 2021. The topics for the workshop were Day 1-Entrepreneurship & Innovation 3600 Perspective, Day 2-An Overview of Digital Entrepreneurship, Day 3-Rural entrepreneurship, Day4-Career Enrichment through Intrapreneurship, Day 5- Scope of Social Entrepreneurship,Day 6- Women Entrepreneurship &Day 7-MSME Schemes for Young entrepreneurs. The objective of the event was to enhance skill or capacity required to initiate Startup, Innovation & Entrepreneurship connected to business ideas,  create Entrepreneurial innovation / product innovation by students, keep them abreast of current issues and trends in businesses and utilize them effectively, enhance skill or capacity relating to creating a business on the internet without the need to invest in physical spaces, to give an idea about some business related to Rural entrepreneurship. The resource persons highlighted their Journey of Entrepreneurship, also made the participants to understand that Entrepreneurship is the ability and readiness to develop, organize and run a business enterprise, along with any of its uncertainties in order to make a profit. They described how entrepreneurship will change, as business and society continue to be transformed by digital technology. MSME Schemes, business ideas and various schemes for starting up company were elaborately explained to the young budding entrepreneurs and also shared the websites link to register for those schemes. The outcome of the event is that the students were able to understand the functions of entrepreneurship, to utilize the best of entrepreneurial opportunities and to explore entrepreneurial leadership and management style. Participants acquired knowledge on the technical requirements and the competitive environment with lots of marketing opportunities. In the digital age, entrepreneurship is now more in demand than ever before. Faculty Members & students from the following Departments B. Com (G), B. Com (CS), B. Com (A&F), BBA, B.A. English, B.Sc. Mathematics & B.C.A participated and the total number of beneficiaries over the 7 days was 546.